Instruments of the Forest feature songs inspired by nature as you travel the world via an immersion experience. Within this shamanic journey, you are surrounded by exquisite visuals, sound and music in a full sensory experience.

Instruments of the Forest Experience

redwoods_instruments_ameselaInstruments of the Forest is a bold experiment combining music, movement, digital media and interactivity within an immersive planetarium environment. On a journey through different parts of the world, the audience is surrounded by the actual environments. Our experience begins in the ocean and then up into the mountains, desserts, and rain forests set tomusic within a new art form of a 360 immersive visual music experience.

Its final form
“Instruments of the Forest” features songs inspired by nature in an immersion multimedia set such as a planetarium or a dome. This 360 degree immersive visual music experience forms the basis for an experience unlike any and is a new art form.

Instruments of the Forest combines music, movement, and interactivity within the immersive environment. The set is made of video, motion-triggered visuals, and panoramic imagery to bring the visitor into a unique exploration of the world.

This ephemeral, almost shamanic journey, transports the audience through different parts of the world. Surrounded by the actual environments, the experience begins in the ocean and then up into the mountains, the dessert, the plains and the rainforests – we explore nature through sound and music.

All of the instruments are derived from nature, such as violin and flute. The songs are inspired by nature, and often explore world cultures through the instruments, tone and voice. The audience experience includes call and response.

Included are live performance interactive with the media amid the environments being featured. The interpretive dance and theatre presentation is movement oriented, and acrobatics may also be incorporated. The ultimate vision includes visually composing interactive media that responds to the movement and performance narrative.

On stage movement triggers visual changes so there is a sense of integration among the setting and the presentation. With the natural world being interpreted through the performance, I seek to experiment with motion-activated visuals to enhance the audience experience.


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We Are Water

The First Chapter of a Greater Experience

Combining music and media in a dome theater with performance artists, acrobats and dancers, the immersion experience We Are Water is a chapter of “Instruments of the Forest”, an ongoing project by multimedia artist and musician Amy Seidman.

360 Immersion Music & Art
We use music and art to connect people in a deep ecology experience stimulating passion and interest in the subject through an emotional connection.

Enjoy this sampler of image, movement and music. This represents an experiment in form and flow as the dancer’s movements emulate the natural environment and experience.

We Are Water from Amy Seidman on Vimeo.

Where Will We Are Water Flow?

This unique experience is evolving as an experience for Vortex Immersion dome in Los Angeles.

Previews and versions of the experience have been presented at The Global Summit in London, as a flash mob projection experience at Harmony Festival by the Bay, and at the c3 State of the Future.

Our Water Source

The vision, photography and video of this project has been created by Amy Seidman during her fellowship at the Sierra Nevada Research Institute in Yosemite.

Why We Care

We are about 70% water. Yet over 1 in 6 people lack access to clean drinking water. All life needs water to live. With climate change less clean water will exist on earth in future. This shift shall affect habitat we depend on for our own survival, with migrations and extinction of species in the delicate ecosystem we call home..

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